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Located midway between Knoxville and Nashville, Plateau Creative brings more than 20 years of digital marketing experience. Our value is an honest approach to successful methods while advising clients on future trends. Authenticity is currency and keen data analysis equals success. 

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Meet The Team

Chad - President

My interest in marketing and storytelling started as a childhood fascination with photography and aviation. Growing up next to an airport and I was fortunate to start both media and aviation as a young adult. My passion turned profession in 2010 when I began to freelance in the whitewater kayaking industry, honing storytelling skills and testing pieces of content in digital applications. Fast forward to today, we advise and create digital footprints for local startups while also supporting strategic visions for Fortune 100 companies. 

Our corporate mission is AUTHENTICITY IS THE CURRENCY OF THE FUTURE and this mission is reflected in everything that we touch. Stories take place around the world every day, narratives that can grow your business, touch minds, create change, and affect purchasing habits. This ability to mold and shift the way human beings think is not to be taken lightly and our quality and attention to detail are reflected by our list of current clients. My personal motto is how you do anything is how you do everything and this is practiced in my personal and professional endeavors. Perfection cannot be attained, however, excellence is achieved when striving for perfection.

A. J. - Videography Manager

As a recent Tennessee transplant, I’ve been loving the pace of life and peacefulness the Smokey Mountains bring.

Having had the pleasure of working on many TV shows and film crews in Los Angeles, I found myself hoping to bring my talents to other markets/industries outside of the “Hollywood Scene”.
The media industry is always changing and I’ve had the pleasure of being apart of the digital transition in many ways.

Storytelling and creating content is my way of sharing other people’s passions.
Without limits we wander, with vision we create.
When I’m not editing a video project or shooting media on location, I’m often found tinkering and restoring classic BMW’s.

Max - Videography / Social Media

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where I ran a landscaping business I started when I was 12 years old. My passion for storytelling and photography started at a very young age. In high school, I began to study photography and video editing and continued to grow and shape my skills through college. I traveled the midwest working for Nexstar Media Group until 2018 when I decided to take a break from news. 
I moved to Tennessee in 2023 to help my dad with his construction company and continue to create video and photo content.
For me, storytelling is a way for us to relate with one another, learn, and grow together.
I believe there is power in TRUTH and strive to be authentic in my storytelling.



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