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With so much of our world converting to digital interactions, there is an incredible desire for stories.
Story is what has driven society and culture for centuries and continues to be a large factor in every aspect of our lives.

From a business standpoint, story effectively educates your audience on the “why” behind your business and the services you offer.
As a case study, let’s take a look at Mikki’s Frame Shop in Crossville, TN.

Frame Selections

When we first met Mikki, I could tell right away that she had a passion for framing and preserving memories.
From the moment you walk into her shop, you can feel her excitement about every piece that was created and she took the time to tell me tiny details about the construction of each one.

Stories need to be told.

When you meet someone who is passionate about their vocation it’s contagious! When videos like this are created and circulated through your website and social media outlets, it lets your audience see the amount of passion that goes into your work every day.

The whole time we worked on this project I was fascinated by the attention to detail and creative energy that goes into each project.
If you haven’t heard of Mikki’s Frame Shop, make sure to stop by and see her facility at 82 HWY 70 E. Or give her a call at 931-787-1986.

Each piece is custom designed and created.

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