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Content Photography is a division of photography that visually describes your brand. The more professional a company is portrayed, the more brand loyalty they instill in their current and potential customer base.

Paid Actor VS Actual Employee


For example; any web developer can navigate to any of the hundreds of stock photography websites and download a plethora of images.
In doing so you have done nothing to distinguish yourself from your competition.
The above image on the left is a paid actor showing a portrayal, the image on the right in an employee with their cleaning supplies and name tag.
This still gives a positive and professional image but makes your brand more personable.

“Content Photograph done correctly, places the customer in front of the service or product that they are considering purchasing without their knowledge.”

– Chad Christopher (Plateau Creative)

A potential customer researching a corporation will notice, trust me!
Just look at these side by side below for yourself.

Most of the time, stock photography doesn’t exactly convey the message you are trying to get across.
The left landing page is showing a paid actor that is checking the front landing gear on a business jet.
Nothing remotely close to an avionics installation.

The right landing page is an actual employee of the organization performing an avionics check prior to final delivery to the customer.
His jacket has the branded logo of the company “Pro Star Aviation” and gives this page an extra level of professionalism.

When rebuilding a website or looking to create content for social media, it’s important to accurately represent your brand to potential customers.
Take the time to portray your image correctly and watch your market share increase.

Your customers are watching…..trust me!

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