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2018 is an odd time to be alive.
Bathroom signs are becoming offensive and we live in our own bubbles isolated from reality.
Algorithms are now designed to display content that is generated to validate our own bias.

With that comes the overconnected world that we now live in.
The Smart Phone is now taking over the internet traffic and the rise small devices and decline of the traditional desktop and laptop means more eyes on screens all day long.

Recently, an NY Times article came out about Apple and their recommendation to watch the amount of time spent on all of their devices.
Yes, you heard that right, a tech company is advising you on how to use their products less in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
Featured here Apple’s software chief, Craig Federighi, said Apple felt it was time to address smartphones’ oversize impact on everyday life. “For some of us, it’s become such a habit we might not even recognize how distracted we’ve become,” he said.

While it pays to do some personal reflection, the truth is that in 2018 the fastest way to reach people is through a digital marketing campaign.
With the entire world spending more and more time on their devices, this might be the only way of reaching individuals in the future.
In the meantime, when are we going to have access to flying cars? I mean….its 2018 people!

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