Traveling with your camera.

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Photography has always been a constant for me.
It’s the fastest way to document an event, travel destination, or beautiful landscape.
I’m not the most eloquent writer so raising my camera and snapping a images captures the beauty and simplicity of the moment without ever saying a word.
And since 79% of all digital marketing incorporates Images + Video content, telling stories through Photos is a skill needed as digital marketing continues to grow.


Another constant for me is travel.

I love to get out and see different parts of the United States and other countries.
Whether it’s kayaking in Canada and Mexico or working in other areas of the United States, my camera always goes in my carry-on.
Right now I’m shooting the Sony A7RII with a 4 lens kit.
The great thing about being in so many places is that I get to build my own portfolio of stock images and video.
Whether is random mountain shots or a slow-motion video of a hiker crossing a stream, repurposing content down the road is beneficial for building any business.
So invest in a decent camera and learn to use it efficiently, there are no negatives to learning this important skill, except for lugging around the extra 10lbs in your backpack everywhere you go 🙂
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