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This is truly unprecedented times for Marketing and the stakes have never been higher.
Whether or not you prepared for this time of crisis, the reality is that most people are at home right now during this time of #SocialDistancing.
During this time of self-isolation, the number of consumers engaging with social media content from corporations has increased drastically.
While the uncertainty still looms about the economy and life getting back to normal here are some simple ways to keep your brand relevancy through this worldwide crisis.

Your customers are still listening – just be careful with the message you send.

DO – Educate and inform, forget about sales.

During this period, consumers aren’t thinking about pulling the trigger on that large purchase. When world economies are struggling to maintain order, people are keeping tabs on world events on a daily basis.
Any narrative that seems to be “business as usual” will be hit with resentment and opposition. Remember, it’s all about Positive Consciousness Permeation.

DO NOT – Act like nothing is happening.

Your content should include references to current events and recommendations by the CDC and WHO to keep your messaging relevant.
As of writing this, March of 2020, the CDC recommendations are self-quarantine and social distancing at home for the foreseeable future.
Creating comedic content about being stuck at home or providing free tutorials on products are just a few simple ways of keeping your Social Media Channels active during this unprecedented time.
(You should be providing free education content anyway, now it’s needed more than ever!)

DO – Be sincere with the content you publish.

There is nothing worse than a company blatantly pushing products and services during a time of an economic downturn. It shows a lack of empathy and the inability to put yourself in the shoes of your consumers.
Drawing attention to the fact that you are panicking about sales is just going to solidify NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU.
Craft a narrative of what you would want to see if you were in their position. Think about how you can give back to your audience at this point.
Go through your FAQ’s and answer each one in great detail, or create video walkthroughs about a recent product.
Our numbers are showing about a 22% – 26% increase in video consumption right now with individuals isolated at home.
This is a perfect time to educate and inform your customer base.

DO NOT – Cancel your marketing plans for the year.

The data from the 2008 recession clearly shows that companies that still kept an active marketing strategy drastically benefitted when the markets started to come back.
Canceling marketing and branding is a short term solution to the problem, consider cutting back on aggressive strategies while always leaving a consistent budget for content creation.

DO – Position your brand as a “Thought Leader”.

Find the hard questions in your industry and answer them as honestly and accurately as possible. During times of uncertainty, people are looking for leaders.
Right now is the perfect time to distinguish your brand from the competition by addressing issues that are looming right now.
Most companies are running from addressing hard issues, doing your research and stepping forward as an industry leader right now will set your company up for success when this pandemic passes.
This can be achieved in the form of creating blog content that addresses these issues or by publishing video content on a hosting platform like YouTube that talks through some of these issues.

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