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Photography has been a passion of mine for about 6 years and I’ve been very fortunate to capture some incredible images.
Exploration kayaking being one of my main passions has opened the doors to practice this art in some amazing locations around North America.

The funny thing about passions and hobbies is that you can never try to justify expenses or rationalize time spent.
These things drive us and are apart of who we are as a person and with every hobby, there is always something to learn.

Within the realm of media and photography on of my most recent obsessions is “low light” images.
This can be used for taking shots of a storefront at sunset, or capturing an event where it’s dark or getting into the evening hours.
During the summer months, the Milky Way galactic center is the most visible and can be seen very often with the naked eye.

Last year was my first experience shooting the Milky Way and one night that I won’t forget, it was a pretty incredible sight to see the galactic core for the first time.
You get a sense of awe and try to grasp the concept of how small you are in the universe.

So like everything else in life, if you are not constantly learning or growing then you are regressing.
Here are some shots from last night working on improving the level of “Low Light” photography that we offer our customers.
Even though I say I’m practicing to offer a better product to our clients, I really just like dragging all my gear out at night capture some cool shots.
But hey, admittance is the first step to recover 🙂

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