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Creative writing can be tough, and these days it’s even tougher with digital applications. To keep creative writing skills sharp and to personally develop my own view of people and viewpoints that I might disagree with, I came up with this drill that tries to put everything we come across in everyday life in a positive light. Remember, it’s all about Positive Consciousness Permeation!
Below is my account of spinning everything around our everyday lives in a positive spin, this meditation is called “I have always admired”.

I have always admired single mothers for their ability to put their own needs aside and focus 100% of their energy into their child or children. This selfless role is overlooked every day and these individuals are the unsung heroes in a generation of cowardly men.

I have always admired corporate presidents and executive leadership for their singular focus on success. Their ability to sacrifice time and energy to grow new revenue streams and to make sure that their corporation will be successful is so often overlooked their own subordinates and goes unnoticed on a daily basis.

I have always admired our nation’s veterans, for their willingness to place their own happiness and wellbeing on the line all around the world. Every day, their sacrifices are a testament to selflessness and service to something greater than themselves.

I have always admired coaches and those that work with young men and women in sports. The time and energy that is invested in teaching not only skills in different sports but also life lessons and teamwork often goes unnoticed.

I have always admired the LGBT community.
Their unwavering determination and ability to enact change within the highest levels of government and drive to gain acceptance is something that we can all respect, regardless of opinion.

I have always admired teachers, both in the public and private sectors. Their ability to focus so much of their passions into the impressionable minds of the next generation is one of the most important roles in the modern-day. This vocation is one of the most underpaid positions in the modern workforce and will always have my respect!

I have always admired the followers of Christ, regardless of denomination. Even with its flaws, the “church” helps thousands of individuals each day with food and basic necessities in underprivileged communities around the world.

I have always admired police, firefighters, and first responders, they daily put themselves on the line to protect our communities and our way of life. Their ability to run into chaotic situations when people are running away will always have my utmost respect and admiration.

I have always admired medical professionals and individuals that keep our healthcare system operational. The investment in initial education and continuing education is so often overlooked and we take access to this modern convenience for granted every day!

I have always admired reporters and the media, their insatiable desire to cover and report the news and bring information to the spotlight is often a thankless position. With current political powers pushing agendas on both sides of the aisle, reporters from around the world put themselves in harm’s way every day to bring digestible information to our devices.

I have always admired the hippie movement and the cultural revolutions that have taken place. While “hippies” get a bad rap for being lazy and unmotivated, these individuals have a connection to nature and the ability to slow down in a rapidly moving world that is amazing.
Their ability to relax and be present in everyday moments is something that gets overlooked in our modern fast-paced society.

I have always admired entrepreneurs. Their ability to take calculated risks and still push forward regardless of the outcome is what has built some of the great companies that we see today.
To commit to an idea solely on passion and without having a firm outcome is what makes us such an innovative society.

I have always admired fathers and mothers who take their roles seriously, there is no greater calling than to shape impressionable minds in a positive manner.
Parents who put their child’s needs above their own and constantly teach and impart wisdom is one of the greatest achievements one can accomplish with their lifetime.

I have always admired free thinkers and individuals willing to challenge and question ideas. With or without societal approval, these individuals hold the line on what they think to be true and are responsible for shaping our society to what it is today. This should never go unnoticed and should always be praised when positive results are generated.

I have always admired our Founding Fathers! To look tyranny in the face and stand up for principle is something that is lacking in modern society.
We need to take lessons from these great men and make changes in our lives that reflect this character.

I have always admired the diversity that makes up the United States of America. This republic is unlike anything else in our modern world, we literally are a melting pot of individuals, cultures, ideas, religions, and ethnicities. Seeing people rise and succeed through hard work and determination is BEYOND admirable and should be noted and respected.

What did I miss? What have you always admired? Let’s put a positive spin and be appreciative of the beauty that happens around us every day!

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