How to use video marketing to attract talent.

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As you already know, video marketing is powerful!
In fact, video traffic on the internet account for 80% of all internet usage daily.

So why is that? Why is it that we are obsessed with watching images on our phones?
If we take a deeper dive into the psychology of communication, the spoken word is much more powerful than the written word.
Seeing facial expression and hearing a personal story is more powerful than a typical image and text body post.

When marketers are looking for B2C connections, you have to look at how powerful corporate storytelling can be.
One of the most recent success stories on storytelling promotions we can share is a campaign for MasterCorp Housekeeping.

Because the hospitality industry has a high turnover rate, Mastercorp is taking a different approach to their Human Resource Department.
The offer benefits such as Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurances, along with 401(K) contribution, paid vacation, accident and short-term disability.
By showing a sincere interest in their people, these REAL stories from REAL employees are having an amazing impact on recruitment in local areas.

I know it’s a shame, but simply re-telling true stories from REAL experiences of current employees has a drastic impact on potential candidates.
With programs like the “People Proud Fund” MasterCorp is taking the next step in taking care of their people, and organically attracting talent for staffing in each region.

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