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For most businesses, the first step in digital marketing is building a website.
Something simple that can be easily found in most search engines and provides a  list of products or services.

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that is often overlooked when building a site.
The data acquired from the users on your site is collected and displayed in helpful graphs and charts.

This is imperative for business owners to monitor when producing content and make site adjustments.
Below we are going to look at the 4 major aspects of Google Analytics that will help you understand how useful this can be for your business.


  • Audience – Learn about your audience. Look at the demographics of your visitors, how they engage with your content, and what devices they use to access your site.

Google actually record almost every single piece of information about you when you hit a site.
Age, Gender, Location, and Device are all recorded and can be used when building marketing data.

  • Acquisition – Find out where your traffic is coming from, how people are reaching your site, and how each traffic source is behaving on your website.

Where is your traffic coming from? Are your Social Media ads working? Does running banner ads on other site pay off?
All of these questions can be answered by digging into the Acquisition data built into the analytics.

  • Behavior – Learn how people behave and move around on your site. View data on bounce rates, page views, time spent on site, and more.

Once you have landed a site visitor, what happens next? What pages lose your customer engagement?
Tracking what pages bring potential customers into your site is HUGE!
This allows you to see what pages are bringing in organic searches and retains the biggest sector of your audience.
Also, knowing what pages cause “drop-offs” is key in content that will encourage visitors to take the “next steps”.

  • Conversions – Lets you track specific actions that your visitors take – and how effectively your website gets people to take those actions.

Setting up and monitoring your conversions allows you to see how effectively your site produces revenue.

In closing, business owners need this kind of data to effectively make decisions regarding products, expansion, and the future.
Having a Marketing Agency that understands and provides this data in a simple and broken down format gives the business owner more power.

Knowledge is power, and Google Analytics used effectively can deliver the exact data you need to go to the next level within your industry.

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