Does creative story sell product?

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I’m sure you landed here by a google search inquiry that went something like, “Does creative video sell product?”, or “Does video actually increase sales”.
In a recent marketing meeting, a storytelling video was recommended, but you need some more information before you agree.
Some of the prices for video production can cause a bit of sticker shock. But, the reality is that this is a huge marketing field in the modern age.

Content Creators and Digital Marketing experts are now sought after by top companies for full-time positions inside larger organizations. Lots of these professionals graduate with 4 and sometimes 6-year degrees intended for positions like “Creative Director” or “Brand Manager”.
Let’s now look at how this marketing strategy is accomplished.


There is a story to be told for almost every impactful moment in life.
And oftentimes there is a brand or product that made this possible.
Imagine a husband and a wife on their wedding day and there is a specific brand of champagne in the corner of the shot.
This is a great opportunity for the Champagne Company to make their product sentimental to everyone at the wedding.

In this era, consumers want you to show them why they should purchase your product, not just what your product is!


Seth Godin ‘wrote the book’ on Content Marketing, literally, he wrote an awesome book called This is Marketing. I highly recommend it.
Now that we know why ‘story’ is important let me show you a few examples.

Mastercorp is based out of Crossville, Tennessee.
They were started the same way many American success stories were started. An entire family worked together to clean Timeshares at a Mountain resort, they have grown into a 2nd generation, family-owned business.

Growing into the hospitality industry giant that they are today, Mastercorp provides housekeeping services to enormous resorts from Orlando to Vegas. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically rocked the hospitality industry and many business are suffering because of it. Watch this 3-minute video to see the confidence they can instill in any viewer, that the resorts they clean are safe and ready for booking.

What Plateau Creative was able to accomplish here is to SHOW the traveler what cleaning procedures are being implemented to make sure their travel is as safe as possible in this current Pandemic.
Before you can expect someone to feel safe traveling again, you have to make sure that consumer confidence is back. You can only do that by EDUCATING your consumer.

On a lighter note, take this video for example.

Stewart Systems is owned by Andy Humphrey and provides an aircraft coating solution that prevents UV light from fading paint and also provides an extra layer of protection on fabric covered aircraft.
Andy’s friend Mike Patey is an entrepreneur who has a massive addiction to speed.
Plateau Creative got to spend a day with Mike shooting the video below. He is a great guy and has the coolest man cave in all of Utah.
Being an aircraft enthusiast, Mike Patey’s story is compelling.

Watch this video for 3 minutes and see what a great coating system Stewart Systems provides!

Hopefully, this hasn’t been too boring, just remember that consumers want to be educated instead of pitched.
With the accessibility of the internet, individuals have the ability to be their own salesman.
If you have a mobile-optimized website it can be your highest-performing sales associate, it works 24 hours a day and never gets a commission check or complains about the extra hours.

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