Why we chose TN and the Cumberland Plateau.

With digital enterprises on the rise and more and more companies like Google and Microsoft going the route of remote offices.Today more than ever, people are given more freedom to choose where [...]


5 ways Social Media can grow your business.

"Most people have no idea that lacking a Social Media presence can actually hurt your brand."


How announcement videos generate revenue.

Every business has major announcements. Opening up a new location or starting a new product line.Whatever the case may be, storytelling through video is one of the most inexpensive methods of [...]


Positive Consciousness Permeation

At first mention of the above title, one might think it’s a bit verbose.While it may make you stop and ponder for a brief moment, let me thoroughly explain where I’m coming from in [...]


Plateau Creative announces Kelly Aerospace as a new client.

July 29th, 2019. Crossville, Tennessee. Kelly Aerospace has been been an industry leader in General Aviation since 1984. Owning multiple business lines, their two main divisions are Kelly [...]


How to acquire large clients as a startup.

Why is it that we think the best quality is going to be delivered by the person or corporation that is the oldest in the room?


3 steps to better content photography

When it comes to Content Marketing, the visual aspect is paramount. Content is happening all around you, there is material that can be captured. Photography has to be one of my favorite aspects [...]


Google Analytics

For most businesses, the first step in digital marketing is building a website. Something simple that can be easily found in most search engines and provides a  list of products or services. [...]


Plateau Creative announces MasterCorp as new client.

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with MasterCorp starting May of 2019. MasterCorp is a comprehensive turnkey, service-select, and staffing solutions for the hospitality [...]


Bright Star comes to Cumberland County Playhouse

The Cumberland County Playhouse has been a wonderful client of Plateau Creative and we are pleased to support them as they bring “Bright Star” the musical, to Tennessee. For the first [...]

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