I have always admired….

Creative writing can be tough, and these days it’s even tougher with digital applications. To keep creative writing skills sharp and to personally develop my own view of people and [...]


The Cumberland Plateau

With digital enterprises on the rise and more and more companies like Google and Microsoft going the route of remote offices.Today more than ever, people are given more freedom to choose where [...]


Plateau Creative announces MasterCorp as new client.

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with MasterCorp starting May of 2019. MasterCorp is a comprehensive turnkey, service-select, and staffing solutions for the hospitality [...]


Corporate Storytelling

Why is storytelling so important and how is it beneficial in today’s business world? With creative story, we are able to bridge the gap between potential consumer and current customer. In [...]


Family Pictures

The leaves are changing and the air is getting a bit more brisk, it’s that time of the year with fall right around the corner. I know everyone’s schedule is busy and we don’t [...]


2nd Annual Dash in the Dark

  Last Friday(August 3rd, 2018), was the kickoff of the 2nd annual “Dash in the Dark” presented by the Crossville Young Professional Alliance. This was an incredibly fun event to [...]


Low Light Photography

Photography has been a passion of mine for about 6 years and I’ve been very fortunate to capture some incredible images. Exploration kayaking being one of my main passions has opened the [...]


Welcome to the future.

2018 is an odd time to be alive. Bathroom signs are becoming offensive and we live in our own bubbles isolated from reality. Algorithms are now designed to display content that is generated to [...]