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“Image is everything”
Now, how many times have you heard that over the years? I know, I know, it’s incredibly cliche but it is true.
The branding that you put your name behind and work so hard to strengthen is an integral part of every business large and small.
For prospective clients/consumers, it’s the first impression and can either start you off on the right foot or have you fighting uphill from the start.

This is why we put so much thought and effort into our branding work at Plateau Creative.
With Meadowlark Project Management, we wanted something that would encompass their name with a creative image but still have the professional look to attract higher profile clients.
On every client, we give two different “Styles” this allows the individual to see different fonts/colors/images/etc.
After we had nailed down the design direction within a couple hours we had something that came very close to the finished product and in just a few days we turned around something that everyone was pleased with.

So whether you are looking to rebrand (As most companies often do to give a fresh look) or a small business looking to make your company stand out.
Give us a shout and we will be glad to help, our goal is to create a brand that will impress potential clients regardless of size.

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