How announcement videos generate revenue.

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Every business has major announcements.
Opening up a new location, starting a new product line, or announcement of an acquisition.
Whatever the case may be, storytelling through video is one of the most inexpensive methods of mass communication.

For this particular announcement video, we partnered with Hurricane Cycles in Crossville, Tennessee.
They are a locally owned Mountain Biking and Road Biking store located on the Cumberland Plateau.
Andrew Ingram (Business Owner) was looking at a way to showcase the new trail system that they recently finished at our local state park. (Cumberland Mountain State Park)

When we started discussing an announcement video with a breakdown of the trail system and the price associated it really started to come together.
The mission of this video was a virtual tour of the system to generate interest in the local area and ultimately, foot traffic in his store.

This video was released on social media platforms on a Monday morning and immediately started getting great traction.

“I’ve definitely had lots of people come into the shop from out of town just because they heard about our trail system,” says Andrew, “This announcement video will generate revenue as long as we get people excited about using the trails.”

During the first week of the video launch, total view exceded 5,000.

Marketing videos such as this are very inexpensive and generate 80% more R.O.I. than traditional means of advertising.
Despite popular opinions on the reduction of the consumer attention span. 52% of viewers will watch a video all the way to the end—regardless of how long the video is. Video length has been trending shorter in recent years. In 2018, the average video was just over four minutes long.

If you or someone you know is interested in pricing for consistent video marketing, or just a one-time announcement video for their business.
Have them email us at, we would love to explain how video can grow your business starting today!

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