5 ways Social Media can grow your business.

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It’s one of those things that is not fun to talk about as a business owner.
You have your head down every day chugging away at the next phone call and when are you expected to have time to stop and update content for social platforms. Most people have no idea that lacking a Social Media presence can actually hurt your brand.

Depending on what age demographic you fall into, you might not even see the value in having corporate accounts on various platforms.
Regardless of your views, hopefully, this can shed some light on the necessity of relative, consistent, and professional, content being disbursed on behalf of your business.

1. A recent survey found that more individuals on social media follow more brands than they follow celebrities.

80% of users on Instagram and Facebook follow 5 or more different brands.
This means that people care about you and your business!
Whether you are a local or national brand, people want to hear what you have to say, and with 71% of users on platforms like Instagram being under the age of 35, it’s an investment in your future customer base.

2. Increases brand awareness.

This is probably the best reason for corporate activity on Social Media.
The best way to get word of mouth to travel in this digital age is to start telling the story of what you are up to!
Social Media is 100% the 21st-century “word of mouth” and it is becoming more and more relevant as digital communication progresses.

3. It makes your brand personable.

Why do web developers put pictures of the “Leadership Team” under the About Us tab on websites?
People are more comfortable doing business with people that they know, or at least, “feel” like they know.
Having images of your actual employees or leadership engaging in the day to day tasks or a #MeetTheTeam campaign where you release headshots of your entire crew with some personal information goes a long way in establishing digital trust.

4. Increases website traffic.

This is probably my personal favorite because it’s where you actually start quantifying Marketing R.O.I.
And at the end of the day, business owners don’t mind spending money on marketing.
Just as long as they know they are getting an ACTUAL return on their investment!
The ability to peak interest and direct a user to where an item can be purchased.
Or where they can get in touch about a particular service is where you start seeing REAL returns on Social Media activity.

5. Position your brand as a Thought Leader.

What is a “Thought Leader” you might ask? Great, I’m glad you asked, I was actually wishing someone would direct that question at me today.
Forbes describes the term as, “One whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential.”
Think about that for a second, isn’t that what everyone wants for their business, to “have your views taken to be authoritative”.
The real problem is that a brand can’t be a “Thought Leader” overnight, it’s a process that requires consistency and careful planning.

I hope you gleaned some things from this that you can implement into your own business.
I know from our experience brands have seen that it’s easier to hire a third-party consultant like Plateau Creative with Content Management then hire an actual employee to run their platforms.
Especially when it comes to tax time, this is a sound marketing move and can be written off instead of the headaches and expenses that accrue with bringing more people on salary internally.
If we can answer any questions reach out to chad@plateaucreative.com or corey@plateaucreative.com.

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