5 Tips when Marketing with Podcasts.

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Podcasts have been around for the past 10 years or so but just recently have EXPLODED in popularity.
With the decline of traditional media and the rise of technology, podcasting, has given content creators the ability to do their own broadcasting.

If you have decent editing/producing skills, creating a podcast is not that difficult.
This “long-form” discussion style has given rise to more in-depth discussions and an easier diffusion of information that the younger demographics crave.

Here are 5 simple tips to start monetizing podcasts audience and moving more products or services through modern audiences.

  • Find your audience.

Do some simple market research and see what podcasts are available in your demographics. Find a platform and search for podcasts with specific keywords, whether it is Stitcher, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, or Buzzsprout.
These platforms have their own algorithm and will show you the most popular first, they have ulterior motives as well and want audience retention. For example, Stitcher would never place their most unpopular and unentertaining podcast first, typically what’s listed at the top is where you want to start.

  • Attempt to make contact.

Now, this is honestly the hardest part of any sort of marketing deal with a podcast producer, finding the right person to #&^$*&$@!* talk to!
Can I get an Amen?
My biggest success has honestly been through Social Media, start by DM’ing their podcast accounts and clearly state what your goals are and the financial benefits of working together.
Remember, there has to be a value proposition for the content creator, they have put their blood, sweat, & tears into making this creation become a reality.
They often times don’t want to advertise for a product or service that doesn’t align with their podcast “brand”.
So don’t be that guy that shoots off the same generic message to 300 different podcasts and expects results!

  • The numbers don’t lie!

Politely ask for the downloads, plays, and subscribers of each podcast that you believe fits in your demographics.
Remember, this has to be mutually beneficial or you will have unhappy parties, the goal here is to build relationships with your producer and hopefully have a lasting partnership.
You, as the marketer, obviously want the most reach for your hard-earned dollar. Getting the data of the show will give you a more accurate picture of what your Return on Investment will be down the road.

  • Negotiating a Deal.

The negotiating process can be as simple as free product in exchange for a 30 second “Ad -Read”.
Another insider tip, always ask that the host read the ad-copy, data shows that these have a higher performance than outside produced copy.
With more popular podcasts, you are going to have to cough up some cash to make this deal happen.
Don’t underestimate the reach of these mediums, there has been an explosion of long-form discussions for a reason.
Budget what you think is a reasonable amount and sign a 3-6 month marketing duration.
Another thing, please don’t be that guy that “just wants to try it for a month“.
These producers work hard to publish this content and that kind of attitude signals that you really aren’t interested in a “mutually beneficial” relationship.

With more popular podcasts, you are going to have to cough up some cash to make this deal happen.

– Chad Christopher (Plateau Creative)
  • The numbers don’t lie!

After running the advertisement for 3 or 6 months, take a look at the results.
Has your Organic SEO gone up? Sales increased?
Go through the numbers provided and look at plays and downloads to get an assessment of audience reach and other metrics for success.
There are also tools like Podtrack, Anchor, & Chartable that will give you very detailed analytics from your efforts.
If there is anything more specific you would like to know, shoot me a message.
Chad@PlateauCreative.com 🤙🏻

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