3 steps to better content photography

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When it comes to Content Marketing, the visual aspect is paramount.
Content is happening all around you, there is material that can be captured.
Photography has to be one of my favorite aspects to Plateau Creative as we help build brands visually.

Here are our 3 biggest steps to taking better content photography.

       1. Snap often!

You can always hit delete, but you can never capture it once it’s gone.
We always shoot about 3 times more images than we need, trust me, store all the images in multiple locations so you always have a copy.
I recently came back from a shoot in Orlando and ended up loving a particular shot that I came so close to deleting.
Don’t ever delete the day you shoot, you can always digitally throw it away later!

Also, shoot from multiple angles.
Especially when it comes to aviation marketing, multiple angles really allow you to capture attention.
When you set up the capture you want, get that shot, but also capture from a few feet to either side.
I can’t tell you how many times the shot I wanted has looked so much better from a different angle than what I had imagined.
Like I said earlier, you can always hit delete.

     2. Lighting is key.

Whether its internal settings in your camera body or external lights that you set up, illumination is a battle you will constantly face.
We shoot the majority of the time indoors, and each space presents its own set of problems.
Don’t be afraid to invest a few dollars in small/portable lights that are easy to set up for appropriate lighting.
If you are shooting outdoor content, don’t be afraid to get up early or stay late to get different colors and shading.
The little details make all the difference between looking just like everyone else and creating engaging content.

If you aren’t familiar with Golden Hour, start doing some research, it’s the last hour before dark.
It’s the Nutella of photography, it makes everything better.
All the pretty gold and orange hues will do wonders for outdoor content.
Especially where I live in Tennessee, we are situated perfectly in between Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.
Golden Hour produces spectacular shades of yellow and orange as the sun sets on the Cumberland Plateau.

       3. Put in the work.

In whatever aspect of photography you find yourself, put in the effort.
There are no short cuts when it comes to content creation, make sure you are going the extra distance.
Climb to that higher elevation if you think it will look better, don’t settle for what’s easily accessible.
Come back the next day and shoot again if you don’t think you captured what you need.
If you are really trying to stand out, get out there and create your own content.
Don’t buy stock photography like everyone else!

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