Marketing with video in 2018.

Have you ever thought about using videos to increase sales? What about showcasing a golf course or restaurant through a video to increase foot traffic? How do you know if creating a video for an [...]


Questions on Content Marketing

So everyone is throwing around the term “Content Marketing” these days. A simple definition is, “Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing [...]


Marketing to the mobile user

Just how important is marketing to mobile users? October 2016 was a historic month for a lot of reasons in the marketing world. The biggest reason is that it was the first month where mobile web [...]

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Improvisation with wedding videography

It’s the season for weddings! We are in full swing and the weather is perfect for being outdoors and saying “I do”. Last Saturday(May 12th) at a local outdoor venue was another [...]


Traveling with your camera.

Photography has always been a constant for me. It’s the fastest way to document an event, travel destination, or beautiful landscape. I’m not the most eloquent writer so raising my [...]